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The ABNS - The ABNS Season 2 is set to release December 26th 2016, and so far everything is holding up for that theroy to be possible! New Episodes may include (In Order):

Secret Santa Dec 26th
Piggy Pallace Jan 1st
Big Birds (Prt. 2) Jan 3rd
Who Am I? Jan 5th
Red Runs Into an Ommie Jan 7th
Big Birds (Prt. 3) Jan 10th
Old School Jan 13th
New Addition Jan 15th
The New Baby! Jan 17th
Baby Sitting Disaster! Jan 20th
WILD Jan 23rd
Joe Goes to 4th Grade Jan 25th-30th
Old Faces and New Faces Feb 1st
The New Super Car Feb 3rd
Chuck's Mistake Feb 5th
Family Vacation Feb 7th
Another Little One Feb 10th
The Drivers License Feb 13th
Love Birds' Wedding Feb 15th
Video Game Game Show Feb 17th
The Haunted Hotel Feb 20th
Suck! Feb 23rd
The Great Big Thumb Down Vacation! Feb 25th
To The Fair! Feb 27th
To The Other Fair! March 1st
Talent Show March 3rd
Cloning Machine March 5th
The Big Reveal April 1st

The SSPS: An estimated amount would be around summer 2016.

BFML E7-E10 Summer 2016

Movie News: There WILL be two new movies coming up in summer 2016.
The ABNS Movie: Kids Turn
                July 24th

The ABSS ABNS Crossover
               August 5th

And finally, the monment you've all been waiting for... NCNews!
For today our news is, July 7th, 2016 ABNSCON is going to happen! With lots of guest stars and news, we confirmed the return of a loved, and hated, character.

QNA Time!

Are you working on videos durring your brakes? - Yes
Are you coming back soon? - Yes
WHERE IS BFML E6?!?!? - No

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