Creepypastas (BY ME)

                                               Creepypasta Stories - My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Season 3
Episode 14-15

 One morning I was watching My Little Pony on the hub and I was watching the finale episode of season 3. I was wonder about episode 14. If they have it made why do they not have
 it aired? So I could never find any finale release on YouTube if I do do it's copyrighted. I figured out a way to contact those youtubers who where yes kids ;And they invited
 me over to take a look. I told them to the the video file to a private Inbox message through YouTube. We became close friends and his name was Carson. We both loved the show va
 -ry much and we where surprised to watch this footage. I couldn't make out what the pictures where showing but we saw the most clearest five seconds where Twilight Sparkle sayin
 -g "I didn't want it to end like this, Goodbye Prin" and cut off with static most like the rest of the footage unlike the sound though. We continued our research and figures ou
 -t the whole lines. So this is short I'll explain the story line instead. It was a normal day in ponyville as like any other episode but for some reason Twilight wa murdering no
 No in her bed. She woke up felling quite strange and tingley. She said "Spike spike wake up!" Spiek said nothing. "Spike, spike!!" she said, but Spike had no words. Twilight th
 -en turned him over finding him with blood rushing from his eyes and he said "Run before he kills u..." then going into a deep voice and said "It's to late for your precious l
 -ttle dragon." She screamed as loud as she could! Everypony looking out there windows muderning things like "Huh? "Wuh?" and yawns. Me and Carson couldn't believe what we saw. T
 -hen she ran and flew to the princess who she found unconscious with a scar and a note wrightin in blood saying "If anypony is reading this call for help rite awa" with a smudge
 of blood across the paper on to the flore. Twilight began to cry as Luna and the gaurds came rushing in. Twilight said "Take me instead" and Celestia came up and said that wont
 be necessary princess. As Twilight was still crying but in tears of joy. Suddenly a large explosion happened in ponyville. As they came down Sunset Shimmer Trixie Discord Sumbra
 and Crisalyiss where attacking the city. They all had an evil grin as QC (Queen Crisalyiss) Used her horn as a laser sumbra used his magic along with sunset and trixie with dis
 -cord creating... well discord!! The tape staticed out flashing little frames on ponyville coming apart. The end frames flashed Sumbra and Trixie kill Twilight Sunset and QC ki
 -lling the princesses and Discord destroying ponyville. But something unusual flashed on screen. Another note that said "TEST1 12/22/2013 DO NOT AIR - Hasbro Studios" so far t
 -his is the only proof we have but who know the futures secrets hold for us later - TO BE CONTINUED PART 2 COMING SOON

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