Here is the everyday life of Noah himself!

11/29/2014 8:13 "Going to go see a Gustafer Yellowgold concert!"

11AM to 12PM:
 Me and Morgan Taylor

 My Signed Card

 Me and Michael (My Step-Dad)

 Vlog #1


12/25/2014 9:29

8:??AM to 9:??AM
"Working on The ABSS Christmas special, Awesome so far!"

Vlog #1


  1. Happy Birthday Noah!!! I'm so terribly sorry we can't be together. The Judge said we should and can be together, but your mom is not allowing it. Soon we will have a court date and we will be together again right after that. I need to know what Christmas and Birthday presents you want for when we finally do get together again. Thinking of you always son. Sorry I'm blowin you up on here, but have no other way to contact you. If you can please call or text 937-8537543, I love you always and forever, dad.