Friday, April 10, 2015

Zapt TV (NEW!)

Hello, I am Noah. Head of Mozo, Noah's Channel, and Zapt. I do not know why but blogspot won't let me create a website for Zapt, so I am using NC. In other words, welcome to Noah's Channel AND Zapt :)

Let's get you started. All you do is find people that like the same things you do! Gmail what your favorite Noah's Channel shows are, what your favorite activity is, and what profile picture you want! How this works is gmail him everything EXCEPT the profile picture. We will let you know if you get in or not, and you get to pick your favorite profile picture out of about 20 to choose from.

Once you have your account, find some people that like the same things you like! You can chose from a variety of lots of people bellow. Comment on they're account to ask to be friends!

Now play some games to earn points! (CREATE AN ACCOUNT FIRST)