Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Q: Noah, why do you like your own videos on  YouTube?
A: Because I like them.

Q: Noah, why are you leaving the show + YouTube?
A1: Well the problem why is family issues, private family issues.
A2: I'm not leaving YouTube, I can't continue The ABSS only because, same reason family issues
BUT, The Angry Birds Normal Show, is coming in april.

Q: Why is Stella called Matilda, and Whitie is just called Whitie?
A1: To me Whitie looks like a guy, really, looks like a guy. And it's my show too.
A2: The first time she appeared, I messed up and Matilda slipped out. I never had the time to change
that so, I left it how it is now.

Q: Why does the intro to season 1 episode 1 say "The Angry Birds Show"?
A: Well it's the pilot, so a lot has changed, more info is on the back story page on NC.com

Q: Where is the third movie DVD?!
A: I don't know what I was thinking when I said it would be the 15th. I was still editing at that time xD, but it might come as delayed as the last DVD, so expect it around... 6 to 7/15/2015

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