Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Projects and News

2/15/2015 - The 3rd Movie

The movie takes place after the season 3 final so, they do mention what happens later on.
"The 3rd Movie is planned to be around the date March 15th (2015), and by that I mean on Youtube. We will have a big reveal party at the time it'll be uploaded but, that time is unknown rite now. As soon as I know, I'll let everyone know." ~Noah H. Patrick

We have a five minutes of the movie so far, and we have chosen to upload it early.

12/20/2014 - Season 3

 Season 3 Trailer
More News Coming Soon!

12/10/2014 - New Game and Show News!

Show News: The Angry Birds Super Show: Up-Coming Season Final!!
                                                                                Talent Catastrophe - S2 E7 SEASON FINAL

There's a talent show in Plushy City, And Joe, Terance, and Chuck, form a bad to get a random prize while not a pig tries to ruin there fame it's... Pie! Joe's sister!! Pie sabotages them by ripping up there lyrics and when Chuck finally brakes, So does all heck. Pie told Chuck not to say it and the rest will be revealed TODAY!

The Super Sonic Plushie Show,: will return with a Christmas special for season 3 as soon as possible as if for the rest, nothing yet. Air Date: 12/24-28/2014.

Game News:

A new game is being worked on right now called Siri Game and the only news so far are snapshots and it's being worked on as if this moment. Air Date: Unknown (Expected Around Early 2015)

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