Saturday, November 29, 2014


The Angry Birds Super Show:

Back in the first episode of The ABSS, The intro says "Theeeee, Angry Birds Showww!" witch shows the show was originally "The Angry Birds Show" back in the beginning of 2014 when this all started. January 14th 2014 Noah Houston Patrick, the creator of The Angry Birds Super Show, wanted to make a plush series. A plush series was much more famous around the time. "Plush Series" Originated for meaning a YouTube/ Internet web video site series using Mario, Sonic, Angry Bird, or even random stuffed animals on a web series show like The Angry Birds Super Show. The first ever plush video (Well oldest I could find,) was in December 2007. A video by SuperMarioLogan called, SUPER MARIO GOT MILK 

Let's try not to get into to much other stuff. As time grew, The show was finally finished and called, "The Angry Birds Super Show". Episode 1 through 4 (Part 1, 2, and 3) was the complete season one. Season one was filmed at Noah H. Patrick's Dad's house in Dayton, As in Season 2 is filmed at his mom's in Troy. The reason is explained in the second movie. The second movie explains that the birds are on the other side meaning, The other side of town for Noah. The birds came through Noah's Phone (Witch was also what was used to film Season 1) and the reason the came out in two different places, is because the phone goes every where. Season 1 Episode 1, Chuck's first line is "Huh? Where am I?" and in the movie Bomb Birds first line is "What is this place?". The phone opened up Chuck, Joe, and Big Bomb at the dad's house, as the other did on "the other side" in Troy. As time grew even more, the show is what it is today.

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